Paroles My Lady de Scribe

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  • Artiste: Scribe6557
  • Chanson: My Lady
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Textes et Paroles de My Lady

Hey yo
This is my girls song
Its called my lady

Lets do it!

More than all my kicks
More than all my clothes
More than all my friends
More than all my flows
More than everything

'Cause you were there for me
Just like you said you'd be (Just like you said it)
Through my darkest day
My coldest night
Kept hold me tight
You said I'd be alright
I wish I could turn back time
To when you were mine

(Thats my lady)

When I'm with you I feel
I can do anything
I can just spread my wings
I can just say some things
Because I feel comfortable
When I'm around you girl
So we can do what you like
It's me and you against the world
Ever since the day you came
I haven't felt no pain
I'll never be the same
Now I know I love you


Two words
Me and you
Lets just get away
Far away from it all
Lets find a better day
Everything's alright
We talked all night on the phone
Lets go, just us all alone
I know I was unsure before, but now I see
I love you more


Now lets freak 'em on this one Jo Jo

I never thought you would be
Everything that I need
Everything that I ever wanted
In you I can see
And then we made love
From the car to the house
To the hall on the wall
From the floor to the couch
Then I went away on tour
And you said you missed my touch
I reply, "I love you"
And you asked me "How much ?"


Thats my lady
And I love you more than all those material things
I'd give it all up for you ... don't forget that

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