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See You Soon
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  • Chanson: Perfect
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Textes et Paroles de Perfect

Today there is not much I can do
Can't imagine facing this life
Today I woke up feeling lost
Today I cannot wake up and see your face

You are so wonderful
Your perfect in every way
You give me hope to make it through another day
All I can hear is you say
Have I told you today that I love you

You are my support
Nothing can take you away
I will make you proud and be what
You thought I could be
No one can ever compare
You held my hand and walked my through

And I want to thank you for showing me him
And I want to thank you for being your best
Being your best was the best and I saw him in you
And you showed me the way

When you said he is so wonderful he's perfect in every way
He gives me hope to make it through another day
All I can hear is you say
Have I told you today that I love you

(Thanks to DonnieDarko for these lyrics)

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