Paroles Tidal Love Affair de Sensuous Enemy

Sensuous Enemy
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  • Artiste: Sensuous Enemy33583
  • Chanson: Tidal Love Affair
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Textes et Paroles de Tidal Love Affair

She came into my life one day
Never meant to cause me pain
My eyes were opened to the sea
Never knew how it could be

Waiting for the early hours
For the moment to be ours
Quiet longing to fulfill
When time would stand still

Can you feel me
Deep inside you
Will you try to hide me
I need you beside me

I feel your breath upon my face
Waiting for your next embrace
Dark shadows on the wall
Finding love was worth it all

Pressed against the window pane
Seeing you brings so much pain
Wondering where devotion went
Our secret has been spent

Can you feel me
Deep inside you
Will you try to hide me
I need you beside me

Can you feel me
Deep inside you
Will you try to hide me
I need you beside me

(Thanks to Jai for these lyrics)

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