Paroles We The Gods de Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh
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  • Artiste: Septic Flesh7474
  • Chanson: We The Gods
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Textes et Paroles de We The Gods

We, the gods - we, the gods - live high - to the heavens - right above your heads
We, the gods - we, the gods - hide well - it's so difficult to find us
Don't ever claim we are dead - we rest here and we guide you
You need to be controlled - so yes, we will direct you
Betrayers of our faiths - must pay the higher price
Damnation for the weak - salvation for the faithful
You pray and call our names - and think that we will hear you
Maybe, you don't deserve - an audience with your masters
We, the gods - we, the gods send dreams - to the humans of our choice
We, the gods - we, the gods - give signs
And you must recognize them
We, the gods - we, the gods - save lives
But we demand some sacrifice
We, the gods - we, the gods
Praise love - but also we know war
Hold the spear - face our enemy - abandon yourself - to the storm of the battle
We came in here - to live forever - we smell your flesh - and we smell your fear

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