Paroles Attitude de Sepultura

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  • Artiste: Sepultura4021
  • Chanson: Attitude
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Textes et Paroles de Attitude

One week of struggling
On the real world is..
So you can see !!!

Feel your soul and...
Shape your mind to warfare
It's all for real

Live your life
Not the way they taught you
Do what you feel !

Survive the jungle
Give me blood
Give me Pain
These scars won't heal

What were you thinking
What a wonderful world !!!
You're full of shit

Leave it behind
They don't care if you cry
All is left is pain

Can you take it ?
Can you take it ?
Can you take it ?
Can you take it ?

The only way
To get away
Kill your pride

I won't take it
I won't take it
I won't take it
I won't take it

So in the end
I want to see some respect
( I said )
You better show some respect
( I said )
Attitude and respect

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