Paroles Paulo's Micropohone de Sepultura

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  • Artiste: Sepultura4021
  • Chanson: Paulo's Micropohone
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Textes et Paroles de Paulo's Micropohone

[hidden track]

we'd like to thank everybody for coming out here tonight
you know, we have a little story I want to tell here
about how my day went
started off with some complications
but you know everydays filled with complications
but people just have to deal with it
but my complication... its something that's been bothering me now
maybe I should tell ya'll about it
sounds something like this...

woke up this morning
got out of bed
went to the street now
hanging your head
walk into the practice
and be hanging out
getting ready to tear some music
gonna rock it all out

Paulo's microphone

we started to start jamming
started rocking out (vc tÀ gravando essa porra?)
the music started flowing
it started coming all out (Filha da Puta)
only one big problem baby
the microphone was broke
couldnt record that music
the songs had blown the 'phone

Paulo's microphone
you know it could be... Paulo's microphone

he told me that shit was Sony
that shit could never break
but we lost all the music
around a quarter to eight (Filha da Puta)
and now we just keep flowing
we wont let it stop
you know its gonna happen
with Paulo's microphone

Paulo's microphone!
this shit is broke again

Paulo's microphone

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