Paroles The Edge Of My Blade de Seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder
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  • Chanson: The Edge Of My Blade
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Textes et Paroles de The Edge Of My Blade

He came from the mountains up north
And the memory remains
Like blood on my sleeve
That won't go away
A man from the mountains up north
He ripped of a smile
From this little boys face
When you went away
A little spark grew
And the art of hating you

Hold me father
Embrace me with your ever smile
Sole survivor
And shine upon me like a star

Fear me pagan
As I am coming to end your list
The son of a murdered father lives inside of me
So bow for me pagan
And in heaven I write your name
And may the colour remind me of life once again
As it pours from the edge of my blade

A feeling still fresh in my memory
When you closed his eyes
You took out my light as well
Turned heaven to hell
I swore on my family name
I swore I would find him and treat him the same
But I get no peace
My heart can not rest
Until my work here is done

So hear me father
Once again I am talking to you
No need to bother
I must do what I'm destined to do


I've killed you in so many ways
Since the day I saw you in the haze
I've been trying to sleep
But it's hard to do
When the ravens are
In my head

Why, father?
Why didn't my pain go away
I am back
And I'll sleep
With my conscience tonight
I traveled far away from home
I traveled over waters
Just to send him right where he belong
The black ravens showed me the way

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