Paroles Deadspeak de Severed Savior

Severed Savior
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  • Artiste: Severed Savior33685
  • Chanson: Deadspeak
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Textes et Paroles de Deadspeak

Cast aside the light
Bringing forth the darkness
Shadows overcasting
I can see the other side
Open up the portal into hell
Destroying every planet in our galaxy
I can see the other side, can you?
Constellations prove that we'll breed our life until our sickness
Burn for me
I have seen this other side of life
Burn me
Melt away my skin
I am one with death
Death will take its toll
I have seemed to be lost in my own life
With pain and misery
I have seemed to be lost in my own life
With pain and misery
I have seen the other side of life and my demise
Calculate my escape
I come forth from this wasteland with my death
I have become one with the flames
Why is this happening to me now?
Exiled to infinity
Blood filled the seas and the hatred in existence crossed
Formed this timeless mass
Supplicated death
Horrified divinity in me
Through and through the cycle of hate grew in me When I bled
I am dying with myself
In my hell
We are one
One with hate
In our self it will bleed
We are one
One with death
In us it will be

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