Paroles Have Another Espresso de Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein
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  • Chanson: Have Another Espresso
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Textes et Paroles de Have Another Espresso

Now whenever life is looking dark and mean
I have myself and espresso.
And then I kinda sit back and like dig the scene
And maybe have myself another espresso.
And there's a chick in the coffee shop who's caught my eye
But she never talks to me when I walk by
So I sit there and I cool it and I'm oh so sly
And I have myself another espresso.

Well last night I decided to do the thing
As I had myself another espresso.
So I asked that chick, would she care to swing
As I had myself another espresso.
And she said, "Baby, that's uh cool with me
But like I can't split until half past three
So why don't you just sit there and cool it and like wait for me
And maybe have yourself another espresso."

Well I never cared much for formal dates,
I just sit and have myself an espresso.
Man ya know but when a chick is a groove like baby you've gotta wait
And maybe have yourself another espresso.
So I took off my coat and I hung up my hat
And for the next five hours right there I sat.
You know that chick went home with some other cat,
And so I had myself another espresso.

The moral of the story I will tell you then
As I have myself another espresso,
Is always follow the ways of Zen
And maybe have yourself another espresso.
And whenever the world has got you way uptight
Why baby you just sit there and cool it until everything's right
'Cause you know I met another chick that very night
And we -- uh -- we --
Well we just sat around and had us an espresso.

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