Paroles Who Been Scorin'? de Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein
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  • Artiste: Shel Silverstein33864
  • Chanson: Who Been Scorin'?
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Textes et Paroles de Who Been Scorin'?

I wonder who been scorin' with the scorekeeper's sweetie
While the scorekeeper doesn't know the score,
And who's on the floor with the doorman's darlin'
While the doorman's busy mannin' the door,
Someone's savin' the life of the lifeguard's wife
While the lifeguard's guardin' lives out in the sea,
And while I been movin' all around this town
Tell me who been movin' in on me?

Now who been diggin' the ditchdigger's daughter
While the ditchdigger's diggin' in the ditch,
And who's playin' switch with the switchman's bitch
While the switchman's busy twitchin' at his switch,
Someone's grabbin' the ass of the astronaut's lass
While the astronaut is flyin' through the blue,
And while I been goin' all around the world,
Who been goin' round the world with you?

I wonder who keeps gettin' into the innkeeper's cutie
While the innkeeper's keepin' the inn,
And who's cuttin' in on the tin cutter's sin
While that tin cutter's cuttin' his tin.
Someone's gettin' the honey from the beekeeper's honey
So what can a poor boy do. . .
I might as well go score with the scorekeeper's sweetie
While the scorekeeper's scorin' with you!

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