Paroles (Open Up) Your Filthy Heart (To Me) de Shriekback

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  • Artiste: Shriekback34028
  • Chanson: (Open Up) Your Filthy Heart (To Me)
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Textes et Paroles de (Open Up) Your Filthy Heart (To Me)

High above through veils of cloud I look on you again
You're beautiful as always in this light
About you shame and ignorance are clinging like a shroud
But I can't wait to be with you tonight

No angels walk beside you now
No heroes hold your hands
Your heart was broken but your mind's still free
And down below me you are waiting smiling like a ghost
Come open up your filthy heart to me

Into your arms so long ago in innocence and fear
I asked you for your dreams to make me wise
Like a priestess like a whore you took me by the hand
And showed me all your mysteries and lies

But everywhere I go there still are echoes of you now
Your golden streets that no one ever sees
And all I ask is one last time
Before my time has passed
Come open up your filthy heart to me

Mad dogs and millionaires have breathed upon your eyes
Their rituals are sordid and so bland
They whisper their banalaties
They fawn and patronise
How little all your suitors understand

They try to dress you up like someone younger and more free
Ridiculous they try to make you seem
When what you are is perfect and I need no more than this
Come open up your filthy heart to me

Come open up your filthy heart to me

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