Paroles The Summer Funeral de Sigh

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  • Artiste: Sigh7646
  • Chanson: The Summer Funeral
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Textes et Paroles de The Summer Funeral

Silence enshrouds the remembrance that is feasting on my endless pain,
My pain the scorching sun has raised from the depth of my withered heart.

Is it an illusion made up by my mind,
(Or should) I face the fact that the past is alive,
This must be an illusion made up by my mind, I'm blind.
Death that once belonged to the dream is now alive and haunts me,
A wound carved in me which time won't heal, I know I will never be relieved.
The memory I had to conceal inside,
Tragedy that once belonged to the past now wakes up,
The memory I had to conceal inside now revealed.

A life my innocence had to prey,
Lost and forgotten in a frozen memory,
I'm guilty because I'm alive,
I'm alive, I'm alive,
An innocence my malice had to prey,
Lost and forgotten in a frozen memory,
Am I guilty? Am I to be judged?

I'm the one
Yes, I am, Yes, I am, Yes, I am
I'm the one to be damned forever

Help me dream in this silence forever,
Though my soul is not to be saved, never ever, nor are theirs,
Help me dream in the heat of the sun forever,
Though my soul will never be saved, never.
Oh my lord, may my curse damn them to hell,
Forever to burn into the flame I once fell,
Just let them know of the price to pay,
Forever to rot in the seas of decay,
Their intention was evil but mine was not,
O God do you hear me or was it your will,
I am so evil but who is not,
God is so evil if it was his will.

When sanity died, the malice was born,
A life to be saved and a life that was saved.
My sin which I should have known,
My sin which I thought I had buried,
Buried in the past forgotten, forever.

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