Paroles Love Lays Its Tune de Simply Red

Simply Red
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  • Artiste: Simply Red2745
  • Chanson: Love Lays Its Tune
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Textes et Paroles de Love Lays Its Tune

Last night I made love for the first time
She gave me her soul, I surely gave her mine
We lay there just crying with both joy and gloom
The joy of what we had and the pain left
Where love lays its tune

Love tears you down
Oh turns you round

My heart bears the scars of emotional wounds
I'm scared so it's hard to give myself to you
Hurt builds a wall round our hearts it's true
The brave learn to live with the good and bad
Where love lays its tune

Love tears you down
Oh turns you round

Oh I swear I'd do anything for you little girl
Nothing stupid or wrong but something
That'll make me true little girl

Love tears you down
Oh turns you round

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