Paroles Pseudo Punk de Skankin' Pickle

Skankin' Pickle
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  • Artiste: Skankin' Pickle14121
  • Chanson: Pseudo Punk
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Textes et Paroles de Pseudo Punk

We wrote this song to be psuedo punk
But someone said that it really stunk
So we changed the words just a little bit
And now it sounds completely like shit
In this song I like to scream real loud
I try to clone the sounds of Jello Biafra
Johnny Rotten, maybe Danny Elfman
This is psuedo punk now, hya
I met this girl from the Hawaiian islands
And she said she wanted to be my friend
She then asked me back into my hut
And that's when she tried to suck my butt
Why he stuck around I'll never know
He could have ran far away - he's pretty stupid

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