Paroles Smorgasborgnine de Skankin' Pickle

Skankin' Pickle
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  • Artiste: Skankin' Pickle14121
  • Chanson: Smorgasborgnine
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Textes et Paroles de Smorgasborgnine

Don't need to press no button gotta walk right on in
Every cat and kitten here is wearin a grin
Drinks are the Tiki 8 ft. ruler of the bar
Eats is in the icebox and the pickle jar
"Nothin wrong at all!" witch doctor say-o!
Vinyls outta control cuz it's a king DJ-o
Music is a blarin ana swirlin ana rockin
Shit from away-out baby, so far it's in!
Inviting yourself to a party
someplace no one knows
Gotta get in line for the smorgasborgnine
and be the last to go
And behind every door there's somethin goin down
There's the slampit and the smoke out
and the evil grinning clown
Freaks a-go-go non-stop cuz its a bash jump from the pool Down and up, takin the solach
Overturn sofas, knockin over chairs put the lampshade on your head
no one cares
Fast strobelight flash and it pierce your brain
Yeah boy-o that's a when it hits ya You're the last to remain!

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