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Skankin' Pickle
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  • Artiste: Skankin' Pickle14121
  • Chanson: Song #3
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Textes et Paroles de Song #3

Got to remind myself that this is what I wanna do
My options are to go to school, get a job, break the rules,
Get up early, go to work, say hello boss, you fuckin jerk
Go back home, eat some food,
Sleep, wake up in a bad mood and

Why, why why why am I making things so hard on me,
Oh why, why why why, this is what I want to do

I'm playing music for a living, that's has always been a dream of mine
And although I'd make more money flipping burgers on an assembly line,
Traveling 'round the world, seeing things I'd never see or be
Secure at home with honey sipping mandarin herbal tea

Why, why why why am I making things so hard on me,
Oh why, why why why, this is what I want to do

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