Paroles Back To Work de Skoidats

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  • Artiste: Skoidats34410
  • Chanson: Back To Work
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Textes et Paroles de Back To Work

Can't believe I'm here
Can't believe I'm awake
10 o'clock in the morning
How much can I take?

I'm going to walk away
With a frown and a limp
I'm going to try real hard
Not to abandon ship

Got no time for sleep
My muscles are sore
Barely remember the feeling
Of being a company whore

Time and time again
I'm confused and I'm late
Try to deal with these feelings
These feelings that I hate

Black and blue, hands and knees
Early mornings and dirty jeans

Back to work again
Slap in the face
Back to work again
I feel so out of place
Got to make my money
It's a blue collar school
Try to rise above
But I'm beat down just like a fool

It's a game I have to play
Tell you the truth I'd rather walk away
Look inside to try and find
Blue collar pride that I've left far behind

No one should tell me how to think
My time in the free world
Has pushed me to the brink of self destruction

Can't believe I'm here
Don't believe I'm awake
It's 5 o'clock in the morning
But it's just a belly ache

But I'll be back again
Tomorrow's another day
I better get my head on straight
Or I'll never receive my pay

Tried and true
Head that smarts
Drunken late nights
And broken hearts

Back to work again
Shut up and deal
Back to work again
Not a dream it's for real
Going to make my money
Be a blue collar fool
Got to eat my supper
Not dream and drool anymore!

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