Paroles Some New Town de Slobberbone

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  • Artiste: Slobberbone34566
  • Chanson: Some New Town
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Textes et Paroles de Some New Town

Got in your car, you never turned around
And I hope you're happy in your new town
And I hope you live where nothing goes wrong
And the bars stay open all night long

Hope you live where everyone's happy, and I
Hope you live where nothing gets crappy, and I
Hope the sidewalks and the streets are clean, and I
Hope you've got good weather and everything, this is

Just a phone call from the place you once lived
Where we're still waiting for the sleet and rain to give
It's just a line from you're old town
Where we're still drinking to the times when you were around

Days were we gave you good times and more
Enough for you to break down and call this town yours, you gave us
Remedies for everything shitty
Back when girls were pretty, yeah this is

Just a letter from this house you once blessed
Where I'm still waiting for the forwarding address
Just a note from the past we once shared
Where I'm still waiting on a present from the future to get me there

I know your new town is so far away
That I could maybe come and visit but could never stay
It's just me calling from a town so far
And I'm still waiting on directions to wherever you are

Times were I wouldn't hold your arm
For fear of letting go of the other one
Fears I had to kiss you
With my eyes closed I might miss you if you
Looked at me in some way I hadn't seen, if you
Took my words in some way I didn't mean
If your smile showed signs of some inner frown
Of thoughts of packing up and moving on to some new town

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