Paroles I Can Be A Heartbreaker Too de Smokie

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  • Artiste: Smokie10385
  • Chanson: I Can Be A Heartbreaker Too
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Textes et Paroles de I Can Be A Heartbreaker Too

My friends come to tell me something
Lately they seen you running
tell me baby are we the talk of the town
You told me yu spent the nights workin
stead you been out drinkin and flirtin
Two can play that game and I know how
I can be a heartbreaker, too
I can break as many hearts as you
I can turn them on or turn them down
Cos there ain't a trick that I can't use
I learned the best of them from you
Your heart just might break
Before it's through
I can be a heartbreaker, too
some night when you're out romancin
You just might see me dancin
with the best lookin lady in the room
You'll be the one who ends up stranded
The one who's empty handed
It'll be your turn to play the fool
I can be a heartbreaker, too...
you can lose me
you can't have it both ways
If you go
I hope you know
What you're throwing away
I can be a heartbreaker, too...

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