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Textes et Paroles de The Corner

I've made nothing but mistakes
in my life up 'til now
I was hoping that the golden bird
would pull me out somehow.

And if I could turn back the time
That dragged us to your door
I would un-live every minute one by one
'til the killing came undone
'til the killing came undone

Now your picture is forever
Burned into my head
But I wish that it was me there
Lying motionless instead

And if there was a way that I could
Unspill all that blood
I would put every drop back in you
One by one 'til the killing came undone
'til the killing came undone

Close your eyes and you will see
The morning star, I won't follow where you are
I am destined for the corner
And the darkness beyond
And the darkness beyond

Well I knew what I was doing
But I knew not why
I suppose I must have hated someone
Else from days gone by
And if I had another chance to live through that dark night,
I would un-shoot every bullet one by one
'til the killing came undone
'til the killing came undone


I'm ashamed of what I've done but I must face it now
And the life that I have taken
I know nothing can replace it now,
But if I had a thousand of my own lives to lay down
I would lay them all down for you one by one
'til the killing came undone
'til the killing came undone


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