Paroles Firetruck de Smosh

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  • Artiste: Smosh34684
  • Chanson: Firetruck
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Textes et Paroles de Firetruck

Here's the thing about saying firetruck
it starts with F and it ends with uck
So whenever you're in trouble or out of luck
You no longer have to exclaim: Oh F*ck!

Hey, look at that, they just bleeped me
Instead, say: Firetruck! It's so easy
And I like to take a moment, just sit right there
I'll tell you how you can say firetruck anywhere

Stub you toe FIRETRUCK
Lose your cash FIRETRUCK
You're naked and your parents come home FIRETRUCK

Fail your class FIRETRUCK
Scratch your ass FIRETRUCK
Clip your nails too short and it hurts FIRETRUCK

Crap your pants FIRETRUCK
Bite your tongue FIRETRUCK
No one shows up to your party FIRETRUCK

Red ring of death FIRETRUCK
Forget to breathe FIRETRUCK
Find out your mom is your dad FIRETRUCK

Say firetruck every chance you see
It's even more fun when it gets bleeped
Say you're with me now, don't make this suck

Wow man, did you just say f*ck?
No man, I just said firetruck

But when you bleep it, it says f*ck

Who cares man? We're saying firetruck

Lose your teeth FIRETRUCK
iPhone bills FIRETRUCK
Jonas brothers stuck in your head FIRETRUCK

Crash your car FIRETRUCK
Into your dog FIRETRUCK
Turns out your dog is your mom FIRETRUCK

(AP) Wait, so now my mom is a dog?
(IH) And your dad
(AP) Dude, this is just getting ridiculous
(IH) You act like it's not normal
(AP) It isn't normal!
(IH) It is in Canada
(AP) So they have man-dog-women in Canada?
(IH) Yes

Fail at science FIRETRUCK
Eat a pencil FIRETRUCK
There's over 500 pokemon?! WHAT THE FIRETRUCK

Lose the game FIRETRUCK
David Blaine FIRETRUCK
Get run over by a... (what?) FIRETRUCK

(IH) Yeah, next time you wanna say the F-word
Just say firetruck
It's more polite

(AP) And if you didn't like this song
Go firetruck yourself!

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