Paroles Hardcore Max 2 de Smosh

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  • Artiste: Smosh34684
  • Chanson: Hardcore Max 2
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Textes et Paroles de Hardcore Max 2

Max had a car that's really sweet
Doesn't wear a seatbelt cause that's for geeks
Not just that but it chafs his neck
And he thinks it's stupid as heck

Max! Max! Max!
Max has got a car!
Yeah, a car!
A two door freakin' car!
It's fast! It's fast!
It's really freakin' fast!
And, it is, really badass!

Max doesn't stop at stop signs
Cause they're retarded
What is that smell I'm smelling?
He just farted
Never signals while changing lanes
Drives with no hands cause he's insane
And if you think that is absurd
He'll turn to you and flip a bird

Max! Max! Max!
Max has got a car!
Yeah, a car!
A two door freakin' car!
It has, gold rims!
They are really sick!
Yeah, like Max!
Max is really sick!

He talks on his cell phone
He doesn't use a bluetooth
And if you dent his car
He'll hit your face like Babe Ruth
Uses the most expensive gas
His driving skills are unsurpassed
Does doughnuts every chance he gets
He's even cooler than Pete Wentz

Max! Max! Max!
Max has got a car!
Yeah, a car!
A two door freakin' car!
He will, get his, license in six months
But now, he has, a provisional license

He only has his provisional driver's license?
But that means he needs a parent riding in the car at all times!
His mom's been in the back seat the whole time?
So she's condoning these illegal activities!?
Shame on you, Max's mom!

Look out! A cliff!
Right in front of you!
Yeah! A cliff!
A big ass freakin' cliff!
Crap! You are, flying off a cliff!
I hope, you are, wearing your seatbelt!

Oh and he's not wearing his seatbelt
I guess he didn't like how it felt
Now he's broken his manly legs
Max, hope you won't repeat the same mistakes

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