Paroles Hardcore Max de Smosh

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  • Artiste: Smosh34684
  • Chanson: Hardcore Max
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Textes et Paroles de Hardcore Max

His name is Max and he's going to school
He doesn't wear a helmet 'cause he's so cool
He keeps his helmet on his bars
Darts out randomly in front of cars

Talks on his phone while rollin' down the street
He even has a girlfriend, ISN'T THAT SWEET!?
He hits on chicks even if they're skanky
He smells his pits and THEY'RE HELLA STINKY!

OK, I just need to clarify one mother f---ing thing, Max is a bad ass mother f---er, if you dont f---ing believe me, then look at his mother f---ing helmet on his mother f---ing handlebars, holy s--- that guy is hardcore! Oh yeah, and he swears a s---load, and everyone knows that's f---ing awesome!

What's this? Is this is a hardcore part? YEAH!! Just like Max!

AND HE'S ONLY... 10!?

What? I thought he was like 26. So you're telling me that I wrote this badass song about a ten year old!?

You know what? I don't care if he's 10, or 50, or even a friggin' baby, he's still more hardcore than I'll ever be, and I'm 32!

Wait, Max! Watch out for your helmet!

Max didn't wear his helmet
Now he has suffered a concussion
And he will be in a coma for the next three weeks
But it was worth it because
Helmets make you look really geeky.
Why do I sound like a bad a rip-off
Of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?


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