Paroles Girl Like U de Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg
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  • Artiste: Snoop Dogg2618
  • Chanson: Girl Like U
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Textes et Paroles de Girl Like U

if i didnt have no dough would you love me, if we didnt have a place to go would you still be
there or would you leave me alone when the chips are down,or would you sit around, and lay down,
oh girl,
i gotta have a chick like you,
i gotta have a girl like you,
i gotta have a chick like you,
i gotta have a girl like you,

oh yeah who that is standing there like that looking from the front but i can see whats in the
back, hips like oh, eyes like wow, pretty toes in the room and they be looking like wow

i dont know nephew lets just do what we do, lets just slide up on thise hoes and put this pimpn
in do, (agree) and then what we do (what we do) you take the one in the white i'll take the one in
the blue


hey yo i dont know if you been told but you look like you should be gold, youre so preasus the
way you shape up im just hear to help you step youre game up you look like you might die for me
hop in front of the bullet and die for me cause when i fly you be fly and when i fly to other
countries you goin fly with me


now as the night wines down and the weed gets down, playas till playing and im still on the
floor, i groove to the beat untill my feet get tired i just want to be youre dessire, eva caneva
best beliva youre not a dime pice youre a diva take it from me you can be the O.N.E if you roll
with me

if looks were the case babygirl id be a federal the top perfect incredible the bottom
as editble uh i aint telling you what i heard man im telling you what i know and i aint telling
her what to say but where to go, but if she wants we can take trip down with the homie d-o double
g and if she wants we can form a lil down if its low key yes we would go down


clap your hands everybody,
everybody claps your hands, and if you came to party with the d-o double g and any double one
lets bounce, i saied clap your hand everybody,
everybody clap your hands, and if you came to party with the d-o double g and any double one
why bounce

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