Paroles Toyz N Da Hood de Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg
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  • Artiste: Snoop Dogg2618
  • Chanson: Toyz N Da Hood
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Textes et Paroles de Toyz N Da Hood

[feat. Bootsy Collins]

[Intro: Snoop Dogg - downsampled]
What's happenin y'all? Big Snoop Dogg
Shootin a shout out to all the lil' rascals out there man
The lil' homies, y'knahmsayin?
Niggaz keep talkin they ain't gon' grow up to be shit
Don't trip, I used to be a lil' rascal too
Look at this lil' rascal now!
Yeah, the lil' rascal done became the Big Snoop Dogg
Follow your dreams lil' homies

[Bootsy Collins:]
Ah check one bopper! Yeah
We goin back, to the hip-hop shop, non-stop baby
A-ha ha ha ha, yeahhh
Where all the deejays use the turntables, like Glocks
A-ha ha ha ha, ahhhhh
We just havin fun, and nobody gets shot~!

Now we movin on, to hip-hop and funk
Where Snoop & Bootsy usin music and lyric
To spike yo' punchberry

[Bootsy Collins:]
Ah yeah bopper!
Ah heavens to all blitz (all out blitz)
I don't know your name but uhhh
I think I want a kiss, yeah
I know you're fine, like the wine I drink
(And you may not get a second chance)
(To make a first impression)
So take the opportunityyyyyyy!
Yeah, I pop these parties like I pop emcees
Never need a ride cause I carry my own keys
And if you wanna hang with us
Tell 'em it's all good baby
All we do around here is uhh
Play with our toys, up in the hood
Swing down, and get that frown off your face
Now all we do around here is uhh
Party in the place~!

Swing dowwwwwwwwn
Let me hear y'all say it - PARTY IN THE PLACE!
That's all we do around here baby
We're 'bout to slow things dowwwn
(You know that's how I do)
Get that frown off your face

I'm just sippin on Gin & Juice
Tryin to catch up with Mother Goose
Yeah she got that golden egg
And now she trippin all in my head

Ahh Snoopadelic boppers!

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