Paroles She Is Turning Into You de Snowman

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  • Artiste: Snowman56372
  • Chanson: She Is Turning Into You
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Textes et Paroles de She Is Turning Into You

Let her go, Let her go, Let her go...

When all you do is disagree
She's getting harder to deceive
You see the mirrors in her mind
You will unravel over time

She always calls you on the phone
She won't let you sleep alone
If she is turning into you
That's when you know
What you must do
You must...

Let her go, Let her go, Let her go...

If you don't let her get her way
And you keep asking her to stay
You'll never make it on your own
Thats when you know
What you must do
You must...

Let her go, Let her go, Let her go...

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