Paroles Monkeys Vs. The Universe de Snowpony

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  • Artiste: Snowpony34750
  • Chanson: Monkeys Vs. The Universe
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Textes et Paroles de Monkeys Vs. The Universe

Hoping for a hurricane to come
Blowing through the scrapyard.
Assembling a zeppelin,
A zeppelin to escape in.

Fly to the edge,
Fly to the end of the world
The only this is, (?)
Monkeys have revealed the universe.

Maybe I'll evolve an eye to see the mysteries of this quirky life.

Maybe a thousand monkeys will type me a letter,
Explaining suns and stars,
Quarks and quasars,
How the universe is held together.

When the letter arrived
I was just one line:
It said "The universe is big and old and dark and cold."

The universe is big and old and dark and cold.
Doesn't need us,
No it doesn't need us.
Doesn't need us to exist.

Hoping for a hurricane to come blowing through the scrapyard.
Assembling an aeroplane,
an aeroplane to escape in.

Suns and stars, quarks and quasars,
Are all explained in the monkey's letter.
Maybe I'll evolve and eye to see the mysteries of this care free life.

When the letter arrived it was just one line,
It said "The universe is blind."

Waiting for the hurricane,
Waiting for hurricane,
To come blow through the scrapyard
Come blow!
Come blow through the scrabyard,
Come blow!

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