Paroles Snow White de Snowpony

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  • Artiste: Snowpony34750
  • Chanson: Snow White
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Textes et Paroles de Snow White

Snow White, I think of you,
Beneath the strip lights turning blue.
Snow White: your heart so pure,
Perhaps you'd better lock your door.

I think of you, in the dreamless night.
Snow White, Snow White.

Can see her no? Crawl across the floor?
I said "Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?"
Snow White, sleep well tonight.

Snow White, she lies in bed,
Left her fingerprints inside my head.
Left her footprints inside my heart,
Snow White, sleep well tonight.

Snow White, I think of you:
Your tears like rain on the temple roof;
Your tattoos fading now from black and blue.
In the morning light you're nothing new, you're nothing new.

Snow White, your dress unstained;
Your hair all wet in the straight down rain.
And when you smile like a mail order bride,
Something flips and twists inside:
I think of you, Snow White.

I think of you, I think of you, I think of you.
In the dreamless night

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