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  • Artiste: Socialburn4514
  • Chanson: Just A Game
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Textes et Paroles de Just A Game

As you licked your lips, I fell inside you
Inside your mind, inside I knew
That I could never be the one that you wanted
And you would never see, all I had to offer

And sometimes I feel like I'm gonna break
And sometimes I feel like you a mistake
And I look into your eyes

And it's all just a game
I never felt soo strange
And it's all just a game
Did you even know my name
It's all just a game, and it's all just a game

But it took two years, on my own, to finally find you
Now you've shown
But I would rather die, inside, then let you see
That part of me

But sometimes I feel like I'm gonna break
And sometimes I feel like you're a mistake
And I look into your eyes


Check this out
Damn girl, why you messin' feelins
When I'm just tryin' to show you a little sexual healin'
Why'd you play me like that, i thought we coulda been a perfect match
You through my clothes out the window with my heart attack
Just snapped my soul in two and just threw it all
It my all to stop callin' you, and now we're through
It'll never be the same, but I know to you that it's all just a game


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