Paroles Leaving Song de Socialburn

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  • Artiste: Socialburn4514
  • Chanson: Leaving Song
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Textes et Paroles de Leaving Song

Forget the things i said last night cause i was wrong and you were right i can't believe the things i say to you sometimes there's 24hrs till i go away
they want me over there so i can't stay so i say make the best of the times we have
hold on to me tonight cause this could be the last time hold
on to me forever my friends think that i should be out hangin around their local bars what's wrong with this town all i really want or need is you there's
24hrs. till i have to leave then i'm off to see what i can see it's my job don't take it personally
[lead break]
forget the things i said last
night [x2]
cause i was wrong and you were right
[chorus x2]

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