Paroles Back To War de Sodom

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  • Artiste: Sodom7946
  • Chanson: Back To War
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Textes et Paroles de Back To War

The end of armistice
And universal peace
No suspension
Of hostilities
Prophecy of bad news
This is no fun
Come into your own
And take off your gun
The enemy behind
Like an awful drag
You'd better have eyes
In the back of your head
Move into position
Put up a good fight
Don't forget the sleeping pills
A kind of suicide

Forget the rules
Forget the odds
Protect your own
War is guts

Back to war

You will be wrapped up
In your assiduous work
Offer your service
To clean up the world
The hostile scum
If looks could kill
Contact with the enemy
That you will feel
Centered on you
Touch and go
Put up with the pain
Await the blow
Fix them for what
They've done to you
Don't fall into line
Don't care what you do

Forget the rules
Forget the odds
Protect your own
War is guts

Back to war

War of independence
Don't beat a retreat
Combative in
The seasoned league
You are sure
Of your success
Never shut the eyes
To the horrible facts
Revolution and cowardice
To get the might
Never let them
Out of your sight
When you fall on the field
They'll bring you home
To the peaceful place
Where you were born

Forget the rules
Forget the odds
Protect your own
War is guts

Back to war

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