Paroles Equinox de Sodom

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  • Artiste: Sodom7946
  • Chanson: Equinox
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Equinox

I am that I am the flame
Hidden in a sacred ark
I am the unspoken name
And unbegotten spark
I am that ever goeth
Being myself the way

Supreme for creating words
None but I have ever heard
Emplorer of aeon
Plectren of primal paen

In the sea my father lies
Wept my waters lost forever
Where the waste of moe replieth
Naught nowhere and never
I will shine as he shone
Must go how he has gone


Fotrh from you and darksome cell
From deep abyss of hell
Coming to view the earth again
See if you can ease distempered brain
Fear and care doth pierce the soul
Hark, how angry furies howl


For the father and his son
Holy spirits are norm
Male femate quintessential one
Man being veiled in woman form
Glory and worship in the highest
Thou dove mankind that defiest

These my witness and woman
Shall dare the dark agian
Find no sacred ark to swim in
Nemorseless realm of rain

My body wear of empty clasp
Strong as a lion, sharp as an asp
Coat of the flock, I am gold and god
Flesh to thy bone, flow to thy rod
With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks
Through solstice stubborn to


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