Paroles Hellfire de Sodom

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  • Artiste: Sodom7946
  • Chanson: Hellfire
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Textes et Paroles de Hellfire

Sudden gleams arise the sky
Rulers of the global fire
Death in perpetuity
To contaminate the clean

Spiteful anger
Devotion carved in stone
There is no
Darkened skies above


Can't push my face into the ground
Trapped and collapsed internal parts
Watch the fading blood red lights
Avert from moon and stars

Thrashing the tomb
To reveal what is inside
Rotten corpses
Leaving crucified


They sleep the wrath of aeons
Life that drowned in fire
With ghosts and the ancient stones
Leave the sentenced fate behind

Haunt the dreams in endless wars
Praying for the day of doom
Never find somebody's lap
To die into

Sudden gleams arise the sky
Rulers of the global fire
Death in perpetuity
To contaminate the clean


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