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  • Chanson: I wanna love you
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Textes et Paroles de I wanna love you

In my heart I know that you are mine
But my mind keeps changin' all the tie
It's so hard to find security
To bring love into our destiny
I know that you wouldn't tell me if I'm out of line
I hear the senses telling me I've been running blind

I wanna love you
And hold you through the night
I wanna love you
Make sure that you'll be alright

I wanna love you
And hold you all through the night
I wanna love you
But nothing's coming out right

When I'm close to you I'm in too deep
But without you I can't even sleep
I would give up almost anything
To feel love and all the joy it brings
I know that you're trying hard to say what I can't find
Oh how I understand your pain
You've been left behind

I know that if you can help me open up the door
Oh I could love you once again and forevermore

I would love you once again
Take care of you and then
Make sure that you will never be lonely

  "Solid harmonie [#9]"

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