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Something For Kate
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  • Chanson: By Numbers
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Textes et Paroles de By Numbers

these pictures remind me
of something else entirely
it's frightening
there's a hole in the sky
i thought i saw something living here before
but i was wrong
just smoke in my eyes
you can have complete control
you can have the upper hand
execute your master plan
you can..
you can burn this skin
try to find something else therein
i'll let you win (x2)
you can choose how we go
you can have complete control
but after this, it's no longer growth
no nothing
no better
no such thing (x3)
long enough
i was there long enough
i was there long enough to do some damage (x2)
you can have complete control
you can choose how we go
but after this, it's no longer growth
growth (x3)

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