Paroles Life of the Party de Something For Kate

Something For Kate
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  • Chanson: Life of the Party
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Textes et Paroles de Life of the Party

Out of open windows
Into my disguise
Disappearing life
Under cover of friendship
We make something out of nothing
To pass the time
The jokes are all confessions
And the empty calculations
Remote control
We got tickets to the show
And the trial and error goes?

Blue eyes
Red Eyes
Both talking
At the same time
Any story
Any decade
You desire

And we're crashing into another day
Like the sun never even went away
You just stand around
Burn away

Follow me down the stairs
I've fallen down the stairs
Make a note to myself
To scratch away the dirt
And sell it like it's new
A gift from me to you
With a head full of fears
And a face full of noise
We tear down ourselves
Eclipse our lives
We pull out in time
And the wool over our eyes

Blue eyes
Red Eyes
No one here seems surprised
This could be anywhere
At anytime
We're crashing into another day
Wait for clarity to come our way
Going nowhere fast
Home at last

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