Paroles Pinstripe (acoustic) de Something For Kate

Something For Kate
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  • Artiste: Something For Kate34877
  • Chanson: Pinstripe (acoustic)
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Textes et Paroles de Pinstripe (acoustic)

There is no need to throw your arms around
And there is no need to ask unless there is some doubt
If you are comfortable with two feet on the ground
You don't need wings now
You don't need wings now

Have you set down your course
Or are you out of control, my dear?
Or are you accidentally part of
Some involuntary movement here?
We thought we knew it so well
We could do it with our arms
Tied behind our backs
And our eyes shut tight

I thought i knew it so well i could stop
So i stopped and i can't...
Can't start again

Stand under the hole in your roof
Let the rain come in and fall down on your head
Cos it's a simple joy you can bring upon yourself
It's a simple something new, something else
Trees stand in a perfect line
Trees stand at attention

Not much time has passed
But already she likes concrete better than grass
And i don't think we'll last
So i stare up at the sky and it hurts my eyes
Maybe i'll go blind
Maybe all i'll see is, all i'll see is sunshine

I'm not trying to sound
I'm just trying to sound
I don't wanna sound like this
Sound like this
Sound like this

You're the last day of april every year
You're grey, feeling for something, anything, you can't have
Oversize, owning the road
Pulled by a current, tossed over in the wind

You focus your sights and try
Try to stare up at the sky
Does it hurt your eyes?
Maybe you'll go blind
Or maybe all you'll see is, all you'll see is sunshine

Walk in a straight line
You waste energy in the daytime
And i know exactly what i'm doing, doing

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