Paroles Sleep Is Worth The Wait de Something For Kate

Something For Kate
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  • Chanson: Sleep Is Worth The Wait
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Textes et Paroles de Sleep Is Worth The Wait

what it is, why it is, what it could be
never tracing the thread of a common theme
at ease with the low softly spoken tones of an everyday machine
safe and secure with a silent flickering screen
screen (x2)
it's relief, suspension of disbelief
caught off at the time with nothing to wear
preparation is expectation and way too much to bear
hold the thought of boiling water, cut the stare
disinterest in the sound coming from over there
over there (x2)
a good chair,
specialized care
there aren't many reasons left to stay awake
when the big hand passes the little hand
it will be late
the apprehension to sleep is always the same
and the guilt when sleep is worth the wait
sleep is worth the wait (x3)
sustain, loss and gain
but you don't realise that you're beautiful when you smile
you make me cry (x2)
when you smile you make me cry
when you smile (x2)
you make me cry

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