Paroles Tomorrow And The Next Day. . . de Something For Kate

Something For Kate
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  • Chanson: Tomorrow And The Next Day. . .
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Textes et Paroles de Tomorrow And The Next Day. . .

walked for hours so i can think for a minute
this is a crowded road and i've got a speed limit
drag me out of my bed cos i'm drowning in it
pick up a clean slate and beat me to death with it
and if you scrub it hard enough it might
shine (x3)
going over all the things you said
i carve you out of a tree
to get you out of my head
and all the peace keeping troops are dead
of all my problems you're the best one yet and
if you hate me then sign along the dotted
line (x6)
let's go to heaven that sounds like fun
let's go scratch yellow paint from the sun
i know it's easier said than done
but i've got a funny feeling that everything is
fine (x6)

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