Paroles Been Thinkin de Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy
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  • Artiste: Soulja Boy3356
  • Chanson: Been Thinkin
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Textes et Paroles de Been Thinkin

[Chorus x2:]
Well, Soulja Boy, I been thinkin about you
You on my mind all the time when I'm without you
O baby please give me a call
Everyday I'm lookin at yo picture on my wall

[Verse 1:]
Well, I be busy lil momma
You can hit me up on my cell phone
Hit the mall wit me, come ball wit me
I'll try not to do ya wrong
I be busy on the road doing shows on the paperchase
I know that you get mad when I take one look into ya face
Just trust me lil shawty
I'm a make it up to you one day
We can hit the streets, come ride with me
From Monday to Sunday
Soon as I get a break
I'm a hit you up and that's true
It's alot of girls on the road
But I'm sayin aint none of em ike you

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I know this girl (I know this girl)
Who be lookin right (Who be lookin right)
In the middle of the day, I'm talkin to her
But can't sleep thinkin about her at night
I just want to tell you
Everytime you come around me makes me feel better
And this is special
I'm glad you took yo time to talk to this fella
And I aint gon do ya wrong
I'm a try my best and not try to end it
I'm a go til it finished
Truth be told, you the finest girl I done been wit
That's how it is
I'm one the road all the time wit them 30/30 boyz
But I'm a make it up to you one day

[Chorus x2]

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