Paroles Blow My Booty Hoe de Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy
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  • Artiste: Soulja Boy3356
  • Chanson: Blow My Booty Hoe
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Textes et Paroles de Blow My Booty Hoe

Ayy man...where all dem hoes wit dat bootymeat? ayy fuck dat blow my booty


booty hoe
blow my booty hoe(repeat 15 times)


im lookin fo misses supa sweet im mr booty meat i wanna sket sket sket (oh) between yo teeth hoes call me soulja boy cause my dick so large i can fuck you from da back in da middle of da yard hoe im fo real naw dis shit aint fake happy birthday bitch come get yo bithday cake i know what i mean i aint make no mistakes let me hit it from da back den we head to da place


booty hoe
blow my booty hoe(repeat 15 times)

verse 2

come on bitch come on bitch bootymeat wit chocolate i like da way yo ass shinnin' like some icy white k-swiss booty meat im likin it big ol' ass and its a fact already know bitch let me hot dat shit from da back security gaurd dont scare nobody man i will rape dat hoe man we ready to go satrt da car and we gon go bitch wanna go den she can go when she get to my house imma fuck dat hoe(stop soulja boy dont fuck dat hoe)


booty hoe
blow my booty hoe(repeat 15 times)

verse 3

ayy bitch lay up on da bed and make a sound get yo ass cut cause its goin down bootymeat hoes and ready fo watevashake dat ass like a munthin fuckin featha you know what im sayin when i break it down imma fuck you in yo booty and skeet in yo mouth you bet to swallow dat shit dont spit it out if you spit dat shit out you gon lick it off da ground btch


booty hoe
blow my booty hoe(repeat 15 times)

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