Paroles Come With Me de Spamalot

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  • Artiste: Spamalot35189
  • Chanson: Come With Me
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Textes et Paroles de Come With Me

ARTHUR (spoken):
Oh, Lady of the Lake, please reveal to this doubting Dennis that you are real.

DENNIS (spoken):
Cor! Blimey!


Come with me
Come with me
Come with me
Sweet Galahad

You'll be a man--
Join Arthur's clan!
Come with me
And I will make you glad.

Sweet Galahad!
Be a knight, It's time to take your vow.
If you come with me now
I'll show you how.

Oh wow!

ARTHUR (spoken):
Stand aside, Mrs. Galahad, while the Lady of the Lake
and her Laker Girls welcome your son to my army.

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