Paroles You Got Me de Span

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  • Artiste: Span35192
  • Chanson: You Got Me
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Textes et Paroles de You Got Me

here we go, I'm on ice again
I want every inch of you but instead
you keep me as one of your many friends
supplying a bit of sweet love, now and then

You smell my flowers and you take my wine
you make my nerves and you eat my spine
I wish I was, but I'm not alone
I'm just a train and you're whole station

I'm overdone and bleeding, yeah!
You chew me and you spit

WoW, you got me
I feel it my bones
cause you deny me what I'm entitled to
I said, wow you got me
I feel it in my bones
cause you deny me what I'm entitled to

you're entitled to love me and I'm entitled to you..

Every time I try to brake the ice
I turn out to be a person no love device
you wind me in and you tease my knees
but I know I'm not the only one between your sheets

I'm overdone and bleeding, yeah
you chew me and you spit


yeah, yeah

I know I'm hooked upon that drug again
I want to keep you my heroin

oh, you got me
oh, you got me
ooh you got me
ooh you got me


I said,
Wow, you got me x 4
I said, wow you got me
wow you got me

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