Paroles Sprite Sux de Spared No Expense

Spared No Expense
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  • Artiste: Spared No Expense35202
  • Chanson: Sprite Sux
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Textes et Paroles de Sprite Sux

Where do you get off?
Telling me how I should act?
Where do you get off?
Throwing my life way off track?
Fuck You, You suck.
I say all the things that punks say.
So why is it so hard?
To fit in, and find a place to stay?
Find a place to stay.

Well I tried to be punk but they all said I sucked,
That I wasn't uncool enough, that I didn't say fuck enough,
That my jeans weren't ripped enough, That I didn't not car enough,
That I couldn't skate good enough, That my hair wasn't spiked enough,
So tell me, how can I be punk?

I think I'll try once more,
Go to my local punk rock store,
Buy some punk cd's,
Make sure everyone at school hates me,
Now these clothes are cool,
I'm breaking a crucial punk rock fashion rule,
The cd's I bought went gold,
I can't be caught listening to sell out bands,
I'm told.

Don't listen to anyone, Don't let anyone tell you,
How it's supposed to be,
Punk is about freedom, And if you want to be free,
You have to be yourself,
Unlike me.

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