Paroles Crawl de Sparta

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  • Artiste: Sparta5636
  • Chanson: Crawl
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Textes et Paroles de Crawl

All that you say is complimentary
Within these walls, where lies
are on display
If you hide the truth, then rest assured,
there's nothing left to say
there's nothing left to do

The difference between finding
what you love,
and loving what you've found
Is killing us right now
It will always be true, living as one,
beats dying as two
We both know this can't go on

Crawl back in place
I promise not to chase
I guess this time
I loved what I could taste
What the years have lost, is
what I've gained
There's nothing left to give
after everything I gave

Crawl back in place
I'm trying not to hate
I guess this time
I'll watch you fade away

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