Paroles Despair de Spiral Madness

Spiral Madness
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  • Artiste: Spiral Madness40983
  • Chanson: Despair
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Textes et Paroles de Despair

Sorrow consumes my heart
Love is fiction connected with sex
Rotten remains of feelings
Unintended behavior lose the plot of life!

Thin line of human being
Cut by stupidity and fear
Normal life is an ancient dream
A mental disease of helpless man...

Despair will be your friend!
Despair will be your friend!

Depressed justification causing a slow collapse
Ubiquitous fear makes my mind scream
I still don't know what's happened
With my personality?

My life going to nowhere
I'm closed in my fuckin' mind
Emptiness, destruction, fear
I want to die!

Despair and suffocation
Despair loves me!

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