Paroles Brink de Splitsville

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  • Artiste: Splitsville35386
  • Chanson: Brink
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Textes et Paroles de Brink

I'll get there late
Don't get me wrong
I like your band
But hate your songs
The parts that suck
Are obvious
Need I explain
Them to you

You're always on the brink
Of something I can't take
It's everything you want...

Straight from our van
Onto the stage
Where we will
Dance the night away
If you are not
About to rock
Then we will not
Salute you

It almost makes you think
There's something wrong
With fate
If everything you want
Is stuck upon delay
It's never a big deal
And that's your big mistake
Don't get me wrong

You're always on the brink
Of something too half-baked
It's everything you want
But nothing we can't
It's never a big deal
It's everything I hate
Don't get me
Don't get me wrong

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