Paroles Cruelest Of Deeds de Spook

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  • Artiste: Spook35393
  • Chanson: Cruelest Of Deeds
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Textes et Paroles de Cruelest Of Deeds

Lots of insanity, lights of a Saturday night,
Take me home with you.
Stay cool, lay back, be calm, relax.
We've only had a few.

A kiss seals the deal,
We slither and steal to the shadows,
The night sticks and slides.
I feel a little knife stuck into my side for a moment,
But that feeling subsides.

The scent of a neck as he turns away to survey,
pierce me with a gaze.
I fall back on the couch and the flurry upsets all the dust:
The light swings in the haze.

A drink perhaps, stay cool relax;
He's slipping off his shoes.
I catch a breath as I gasp, hold it back at the last.
Her dress falls to the floor.

The weapon is armed with his coat and his charm;
Like a trap which is set, but not triggered yet;
He's the one with the match that is starting the fire;
And he's burning down steeples and igniting the pyres.

Walking a line he's indulgence refined.
And she's lapping it up like a lover deprived
When the passion explodes and her skin is ablaze,
Hhe lies back exposed.

And he says "babe,
I just taste this way."

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