Paroles Some Bwoy de Spragga Benz

Spragga Benz
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  • Artiste: Spragga Benz40506
  • Chanson: Some Bwoy
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Textes et Paroles de Some Bwoy

Watchie pum fi get bottle boom,
And satalite fi get dandimite,
Cause dem bwoy deh wi no like,
Dem a move too hype,
Fly by day pitch by night,
Some old thiefing bwoy.

Some bwoy a gwaan like dem bad,
And some bwoy a look man fi rob,
Some bwoy a talk how dem des,
Some bwoy wi tekthe chain off yuh chest,
Some bwoy a juck down fi car ,
Some bwoy a look man fi war,
Some bwoy a tell dem a who,
Some bwoy woulda rob yu fi yu shoe.

[Verse 1:]
Bwoy deh pon wi corner like a fowl him a perch,
Every woman weh pass him a beg har a search,
Say him des fi a food and how him welll want apurs,
Is a half a brick him get fi go a Public go nurs,
Now him a come a rallly back bout a man fi pay him dues,
If a man try dis him corner a go bruise,
Wi haffi wonder if di bwoy a put coke to use,
Inna him face wi haffi land all a shoes.


[Verse 2:]
After hours a road dem turn real critchowl,
An a move will col' a look fi man billfold,
Woulda thief di silver woulda move di gold,
Dem deh bwoy thief anything dem eyes behold,
but if a bwoy feel bad and ready fi dweet,
And waan test man a road him better shoot up the street,
Cause if a gun fi brandish an a corn fi beat,
We a bwoy weh nuh deal with defeat.


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