Paroles Jump On Demand de Spunge

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  • Artiste: Spunge4061
  • Chanson: Jump On Demand
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Textes et Paroles de Jump On Demand

So you're sat there in first class
well i'm not gonna kiss your ass
cuz i dont care
outside you may be smartly dressed,
inside your just like all the rest so, i dont care
i'm not the kind of guy who likes to go to work its just i need the money
oh i dont know why you find that so funny
maybe i dont look my best at least i fit in wid the rest so I DONT CARE, every body
jump jump jump cant understand it when people demand it [x2]
why is it u seem to be lookin down your nose at me
maybe we should take the time to prove your bloods red like mine

remember when you're bein rude that we're the ones that cook your food, so just take care
cuz i know it might offend if we were to go and send u chicken a la pubic hair
you're the ones that sit there u just sit there and get fatter and yet we're the ones that dont really matter
All i'll say is just beware cuz were the ones that put you there and WE DONT CARE!everybody


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